Meeting Point

17th - 31st August 2016


MAR-DEN takeover at AMP with works by Patrick Mifsud

Launch event 17th August, 6pm – 9pm

In August 2016 AMP Gallery are really excited to welcome Frances Marden and Patrick Mifsud, who are jointly curating a new exhibition which will see furniture and art displayed side by side; a celebration of the linear forms which link the aesthetic of the finest modernist and midcentury-inspired craftsmanship with Mifsud’s striking geometric pieces.

MAR-DEN source, sell and make furniture and objects which they think have a unique brilliance and character. They don’t pin themselves to a particular decade, but instead hunt for pieces that stand out in 20th Century design, pieces they think should be celebrated and incorporated into our modern lives.We want customers to be inspired and share our taste and enthusiasm. We believe that furnishing your home should be fun, there are no specific rules. Our main aim is to help customers step away from buying new, mass-produced items which can lack personality, and explore the past through pieces that are both functional and beautiful. The MAR-DEN MADE bar stool is a midcentury inspired design, a collaboration with furniture maker Luke Joyce, that focuses on handmade quality, beautiful form and function.




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