Hee Jae Kim
My Eternal Summer Full of Imperfect Stars

2nd - 23rd December 2017

A solo show by Hee Jae Kim, recent graduate of the RCA and winner of the AMP Prize 2017.

‘At the time when my jewel box breaks that is when the real whale begins to surround me.
Though it doesn’t show up when I try to see it, it is determined to keep a stranglehold and churns slowly in my heart.

We need a solid personal belief system as a means to protect ourselves from the pain of life – one which helps us to endure any pain which bypasses this protection. Though others may seek to alleviate their pain using the illusion provided by the “exit” this system must also serve to protect us from losing belief in the value of the individual.

The “exit” I propose refers to a medium created by a personal belief system, one which makes spiritual liberation possible. With this medium we can better endure hardships by performing acts which attempt to relieve spiritual pain.’


PV / Friday 1st December 2017, 6 – 9pm

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